Monday, 20 August 2007

Body Attack

Tonight was the launch of the new Body Attack. I've only been doing Body Attack for a short while, so I was expecting something different. The only thing that was different was the music. All the moves were pretty much the same in pretty much the same order. I felt a little disappointed, but it was still a good workout.

I took the low impact option more than usual as I forgot about the bounce factor when I was packing my gear this morning. It was one of those forgetful days today. This morning I left my brand new building access pass at home. I also managed to leave my heart rate monitor at work.

I've managed to get myself organised enough to have toiletries and a set of work clothes at the office. Now all I have to do is run to work. Mind you, tomorrow morning some of the people from the running course are going for a run behind the War Memorial, so I might do that with them and then ride on to work from there. I'll decide in the morning.

Other than that, nothing much to report on the exercise front. I had a pretty relaxing weekend. I did manage to sign up for Spring into Shape. I'm going to do the 8 km series. Now all I have to do is get out there regularly and train.


jojo said...

yep//im still deciding whether or not to do spring into shape series

Irene S said...

You seem to be doing a great job on fitness... Congrats!!
I love the To Sir with Love movie too!!

kathrynoh said...

I've never done Body Attack, must try it.

I'm thinking about Spring into Shape - can only do the middle one if I do them.

Celeste said...

LOL!! You finally get a building pass and you leave it at home!!!

Em said...

Yay, you're coming to Melbourne, looking forward to catching up, as I am doing the 4Km I run first so I can cheer you home.