Friday, 24 August 2007

Personal Training and Body Balance

This morning I had my first personal training session with Krissi. It was at 7:30, which seemed so late! For the past two years I've been catching my bus at 7:22, so it felt really strange to be heading off to the gym instead of to work.

This morning we went through my program. Krissi made a few changes. I'll have to get down to the gym over the weekend and work through it while I still remember it all. The leg press is getting changed back to leg extensions and Krissi is reordering things so that I exercise to failure. My one armed one legged row is turning into a more difficult exercise on a balance disk. I wasn't able to do the row part so I'm going to be timing myself on the disk while I make feeble attempts to row. Before I do my fitball situps, I'm doing a chest press with my legs in the air to keep my back on the bench and a toss and catch at the top, which I know from one experience adds quite a burn.

The fitball lifts have turned into something harder too. I don't know what to call them, but it's another fitball exercise that involves rolling the ball in towards me, lifting my hips and squeezing my butt. When Krissi does it, there's this lovely straight line from her shoulders to her knees. I had my tummy in the way, but I know the straight line was under there somewhere.

No more bent bar, which I don't mind. It was fun for novelty value, but I'm quite happy to use free weights. We didn't get to the abs exercises yet but at the rate I'm going, my abs will be worn out with all these classes.

Tonight was the new Body Balance and we ended up with three instructors in the class, which meant one could do the beginner's move, one the intermediate and one the advanced. It was a really nice routine. I got myself all tangled up on some of it, but I know I'll improve with time.

Tomorrow I might go running with some of the running crew. I'll see how I feel.


Andrew(ajh) said...

It sounds like a good PT session, Krissi sounds like she will work out okay!

Three instructors in one session - you wouldn't want to make too many mistakes!

Em said...

The change in personal trainer is probably a good thing, even if you liked the old one. A fresh perspective to mix things up never hurt.

I know what you mean about that fitball exercise, it's bloody hard.

lg said...

Oohh, I finally have a chance to comment - well done on running to work - what a great way to start the day too!

Hope this becomes a regular occurance for you

kathrynoh said...

Nice going with the trainer. The three instructors sound good - always easier to know what to do when you can watch someone else.