Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Rest day

I didn't exercise this morning as my knee was a little sore last night. I headed off to the gym for yoga tonight, but the class wasn't on. I decided to head home and work on my resting. If only it was an Olympic Sport!

Seeing that I don't have any exercise as such to talk about tonight, I'm taking this opportunity to provide an update on a few things.

First of all, I've ordered myself an Enell bra from Storm in a D Cup. I'm really looking forward to testing it out. I'm expecting great things after all I've heard. The order has been posted so hopefully my new bra will be waiting for me when I'm in Melbourne on the weekend.

Secondly, I've ordered a couple of yoga dvd's from Home Fitness Delivered. I checked them out on ebay. The prices were fairly similar but the postage was heaps better from Home Fitness. The first of the dvd's was posted today so I've got my fingers crossed that it will be there too when I get home. It would have been handy to have it here this evening.

Thirdly, I booked myself a style consultation. The first session is tomorrow afternoon. The consultant will go through my wardrobe with me and give me some feedback. I'm hoping that some of my clothes end up in the "Good choice Kathy, keep on wearing these" pile instead of everything being in the "Fashion victim tragic mistake" pile. I'm really hoping that my favourite items make the cut. Fingers crossed!

On the running front, I'm finding it amazingly hard to get myself organised. I was all set to run to work tomorrow when I realised that I had another commitment. Ditto Friday. Now, my plan this week was to run to work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I can accept that I ended up with one scheduling conflict, but two? I was feeling a bit grumpy about tomorrow's run when I realised that I could fit it in before my appointment tomorrow. I just won't run to work. Problem solved. Mind you, looking at my calendar when I'm making plans might make life a bit easier too.

As for Friday, I can cheerfully skip that one as I've booked a run with one of my nephews in Melbourne over the weekend. That's a direct consequence of some thinking I did during yesterday's run. Yes, it's a dangerous sport! I was running along thinking "it's so much easier when you know where you're going" and then I was thinking "it would be handy to run the Spring Into Shape course before the first race". Luckily I was only half way to work, which left me more time to think. Consequently I realised that this weekend is my only chance to do that. I'm staying with one of my sisters for a change, so I buzzed her to check that she'd (a) drive me into town, (b) lend me a nephew to run with, and (c) wait patiently while we ran 4 km then (d) drive us home. Fortunately she agreed to do all of the above.

On the home front, my parents' heart maintenance is progressing. Dad is finished all of his. He ended up having an angioplasty and two stents inserted. He recovered quickly and he looks so much better with colour in his face. Mum has to have a heart valve replaced. She's on a waiting list, and goes into hospital in early September for some sort of pre-op thing. She's vague about the details as she is feeling quite apprehensive and doesn't really want to know. Based on Dad's experience, we think her operation will happen fairly quickly after that. I don't think the surgeon likes to commit in case Mum gets bumped down the list by someone who is in more need of his skill than she is.

We're all being very positive for Mum. She's aware that she'll be in pain for quite a while after the operation, and that she will have to work at her rehabilitation exercises. From all accounts, people feel so well after the operation that the pain is worth it. I guess time will tell. We all heal fast and have high pain thresholds so we feel quietly confident that she will do really well. Obviously we come from good peasant stock.

This has ended up being quite a long post for a day that didn't involve exercise. :-)


kathrynoh said...

The style consultant sounds like fun :D

You'll love the Spring into Shape course, it'll be lovely along the river on the weekend, esp if this weather holds up.

Andrew(ajh) said...

Great to hear your Dad is doing good, hope your mum's op goes just as well!

warriorwoman said...

I'm looking forward to your first running post after the enell arrives. It made a remarkable difference to my running.

jojo said...

oooh i cant wait to hear what you think of hte enell...im seriously thinking about buying them as a gift for my uh errr girls