Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Chilli and Yoga

I learned an important lesson today - don't eat too much chilli before an important run. I got up this morning, feeling the after effects of last night's dinner, which was delicious by the way. I was hoping that I'd be ok for my run, but I ended up having to miss it. I was dressed and about to ride off on my bike when I had to head back to the bathroom.

Unfortunately, that means I missed the time trial and I also didn't manage to run three times in a week. I was telling myself that if I ran this evening I'd make that goal, but that didn't motivate me to get out there. Instead, I chose to go to Yoga.

We did Power Yoga today, which was just as well as the room was freezing. Tonight's moves were dynamic and we were mainly on our feet. To my surprise, part of the way through I was seriously considering stopping to take off my warm top. I was too caught up in the moves to take the time to stop. It was really cool to be moving from one thing to the next and keeping up for a change. I do like the slower pace of Yoga.

The other thing that is surprising me is how quickly I'm progressing with the various moves. My balance is heaps better and my flexibility is increasing by leaps and bounds (or twists and stretches). Fortunately, before I start thinking I'm an expert, we did a seated stretch today that reminded me just how far I have to go. I wasn't able to do it at all. The stretch started off in a half lotus, and involved leaning forward with a straight back. All these people could lean right down over their legs. Not me. My tummy was in the way, my back was tight, and my legs were saying 'that's far enough'. Another move that completely defeated me involved stretching one leg up when seated. Apparently there's a two legged version that's called the hairpin. I was thinking that I probably didn't need that level of detail yet.

Anyway, I was going to do my weights program tomorrow morning, but I might go running instead. That leaves weights as an option for Thursday's pt session.

Oh, I have signed up for a dragon boat race in October. The gym is putting a team in to a fundraising event of some kind. There'll be two training sessions and then the race. It should be a lot of fun. The team is going to be half staff and half members, and some of the Team Black Women have already entered. Thank goodness for the power of email!


jojo said...

um i dont think i could do ANY of those stretches.. i was trying to tell MT tonight how 'loose' my hammies felt..and she's like ummm jo theyre actually quite tight! yoga always makes me laugh when im in funny poses..

lg said...

My sister teaches yoga and is forever telling me of its virtues -I just can never get into it - glad you like it though.

I understand what you mean about the stretches though, seems to highlight flaws in our flexibility!

kathrynoh said...

Bummer about the run.

You are way ahead of me with the yoga, I can't even sit crosslegged!

warriorwoman said...

ooh the dragon boat race is going to be fun!