Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Pool running, running commute and yoga

Pool running this morning involved a dash to the pool to be there by 6 am. There's no point being early, as they don't open the doors early. How do I know? I was there early. Imagine being out and about before 6 am. Mind you, I need to practise this, as the Group Outdoor Fitness Challenge starts again next week. I have to be up in time to ride to Lennox Gardens before 6:30 am. It's going to be so much easier than it was in winter.

Sally and I both had work breakfasts on this morning, which is why we were there half an hour earlier. We chose a short program, the warm up, 6 x 2:30 hard / 0:30 easy and a cool down. I was home by 6:45 am, which is just as well, as I was being picked up at 7:15 am. It was lovely riding through the city centre so early. Hardly any pedestrians, no buses cluttering up the bus interchange, and very few cars.

I worked out how to handle the choice between the 5 k run and yoga dilemma. I realised that I could do both if I ran home from work instead of trying to get to the ACT cross country club run. I now have a goal to run home every Tuesday.

I was really well organised today - I even had the Aeroguard with me. I packed my fuel belt with powerade and water, and I had my running backpack. Considering I managed all this while dashing around this morning (of course I didn't pack last night) I am pretty proud of myself.

I was ready to head off running tonight when one of my sisters phoned me. It was her free time and she regularly calls me on her way home from work. In fact, we'd made arrangements to chat today when I called her yesterday. Instead of waiting until after our conversation ended, I decided to start walking while I chatted to her. I headed cross country instead of following the road way. I took the 'road less followed', a slightly more overgrown track, and found myself actually walking across a fence paling at one stage (not that the gully was all that deep).

Trish and I had lots to talk about, so I decided to investigate a new path rather than head back to the road. It was fun venturing into new territory. Thirty five minutes later we'd caught up on the latest and I was stuck on the wrong side of a small creek sort of thing. I decided I didn't want to get my feet wet so I went in search of a bridge.

By the time I'd reached the other side I'd covered about half the way home. I was around behind the War Memorial. I was tempted to walk the rest of the way, but I resisted and ran the rest of the way. It took me about 20 minutes to cover the remaining 2.7 km.

I have been meaning to add some maps of my runs for those of you who enjoy seeing them. Here's this evening's run.

You'll see where I got stuck at the creek and had to track back.

Because of chatting to Trish I ended up getting home just in time to have a shower and head out again to yoga. It was quite an active session. As usual there was stuff I couldn't do. There was a move where we were squatting, rested our knees against our triceps and then some of them lifted their feet off the floor. There were a few "lift yourself off the floor" moves. I don't think I managed it once. Clearly something to aspire to at some stage in the very distant future.

I had a few cramps in yoga but nothing like the last time. Even though I didn't drink much of it, the powerade seems to have helped. I only had a mouthful out running - it seemed way too sweet. Normally it doesn't. I finished off the rest of the bottle (about 250 ml) at home before heading off to yoga. It didn't taste as bad when I wasn't running. I'll have to try some of the other brands out there.

Well, I'm feeling pretty good about having come up with a way to keep yoga in my schedule. For tomorrow's exercise I'm thinking about cycling to work. I still haven't used my new paniers, so I'll have to come up with a stack of stuff to cart with me. Ok, ok, I do know that I don't have to fill them up to use them.

Kathryn, thanks for the link. JoJo, I want to keep the G rating on my blog. :-)


LBTEPA said...

Do the half marathon. My first one changed my life.

Andrew(ajh) said...

Have you tried the Powerade Lite - I've been drinking that at lunchtime recently - the Arctic Lime one is not bad!