Thursday, 15 November 2007

Pool Running and Personal Training

This morning was probably my last pool running session for the time being, as next week Sally and I will be at GOFC. Because it was the last one, we did a ladder session, 5 min warm up, 1 min hard, 1 min easy, 2 min hard, 1 min easy .. up to 4 mins and then back down to 1 followed by the cool down. It was a good session.

This evening I had my first workout with my new personal trainer, Julia. It was an interesting session. We did boxing at my request. During the session I discovered that Julia has been working as a PT since July. At the beginning of the session I told her a little about about myself, that I run and that I like boxercise. I didn't get asked about my goals or about any injuries. I thought about telling her about my knee and then figured I'd see how it went. Sometimes I think I'm too conscious of it, causing me to limit myself.

Julia asked me if I'd done boxing before. I told her I had and so she didn't show me how to do anything. I remember the first time I did boxing with Krissi. Even though Krissi knew I'd boxed she checked that I knew what I was doing and fixed up my form where it wasn't quite right. I always felt confident that Krissi was looking after me.

The boxing session was fun and Julia is extremely likeable. We started off with cross punches, then cross punches with squats (3 and squat, over and over again!), followed by lunges, knee lifts, more punching including uppercuts and hooks, crunches involving punching and then more punches with squats. We ended up with Julia helping me stretch. I am more than happy to lie back and enjoy that.

I'm feeling really tired now. I'm sure I'll sleep well.

Tomorrow I have my first non-Fernwood PT session with Krissi. She mentioned skinfolds. Eeew! Still, I'm sure having the measurements will be a good motivator.

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Andrew(ajh) said...

Hmmm ... I think every session I've ever had with any PT has always started off with the "Any injuries?" question. I hope this was just a one-time forgetful slip. Keep your eye on her!