Sunday, 18 November 2007

No SiS3 today

What a miserable morning. It was wet and windy. Worse still, the rain was cold! I headed off to Werribee to pick Andrew up anyway. I live about 25 km away from the course, so I was hoping that the weather would be better in town.

I outsmarted myself by bringing Andrew. I would have run if I'd only me to worry about, but I didn't like to drag him around the 8 km course in the wind and the rain. On top of that, we arrived early so that we'd have time to register him. I figured it wouldn't be any harm as he would get to see the 4 km race and he could have a go at the warm up aerobics. Well, being early when it's wet and cold and there's too much wind to stand around under an umbrella is not quite the fun experience I had planned for him. We got out of the car at about 8:30 and decided that breakfast was a much better idea.

We headed off to the Groove Train in Clarendon Street, where we both enjoyed a lovely breakfast. When we were on our way home the weather had clearly improved. I guess if I'd been arriving at my usual time we probably would have run. Oh well. Another time.

I bought myself a new pair of Ryka runners this morning. I noticed yesterday that my shins were starting to get a little sore, which made me realise that I couldn't put off the purchase any longer. It's amazing how good these new runners feel. As a bonus, they were on sale. I had 15 minutes to kill so I wandered into Rebel Sport, where I bought myself a pair of running shorts. I'm looking forward to trying those out during the week.

Congratulations to everyone who braved the weather at SiS today. :-)


Andrew(ajh) said...

I was looking out for you ... no wonder I couldn't find you!

Jaykay said...

Wasn't the weather horrible!

But that's what I love about Melbourne, the way it changes so dramatically.

Good luck with your personal training sessions.

Em said...

The numbers were down but the weather was not too bad, in fact I got hot very quickly on the 4Km. I understand that with the young fella breakfast in a cafe would seem like a far more attractive option, especially at the GT.