Friday, 15 August 2008

Well, I did it

I've thought about doing this all year and I've finally done it. I've signed up for the Runner's World Run it Off challenge.

Krissi took my photo and measurements this morning. I didn't have to go to any trouble to have a bad before photo. I had 'bed hair' and it was one of 'those' days when any photo is just going to look awful. Mind you, Krissi still had instructions for me to make the photo look worse. It was all quite entertaining and I was struggling not to laugh. Fortunately, the only way that any of you are going to see the photo is if I end up in the magazine. Phew!

You know what this means of course. I have to get out there and run. I have been agonising over whether or not I would try to use one of the "Spring into Shape" runs as my run, but I really don't have the desire to travel to Melbourne as often as I did. That's partly because I'd rather be with TB and partly because I'm doing a fair amount of travel for work. There really is a limit to how many times you can enjoy waiting for a plane that's been delayed.

This decision ended up being a big one. I'm now officially a resident of Canberra. I've been a Melbourne commuter all this time so it feels a bit strange. It feels like a good decision though.

I just looked at the title of this blog entry, and well, I did a couple of things, didn't I?


Kathy said...

I nearly forgot - my target run is the ACT Women's and Girl's November Jogalong.

Andrew(ajh) said...

Another reason to avoid planes these days seems to be the monotonous regularity that bits seem to be falling off them!

kathrynoh said...

Well done. Good luck on the challenge - hope you do better than me. I planned to do it last year and ended up putting on weight...oops!