Monday, 18 August 2008

More running

Two posts in one day! This will be a short one though. At bootcamp tonight we did more running. How my legs complained when we started the warmup. "What?" they said. "What? What?" I think they would have said a lot more if they could have managed it.

Tonight's bootcamp session was a circuit. The only problem with Brad's idea of a circuit is that he likes to include a lot of cardio. We were split into two groups, one doing the exercise and one doing a shuttle run. Once we'd swapped, then we all did abs work. Exercises included a shoulder press, squats, walking lunges, bicep curls, pushups, lateral raises, and forward raises. Abs work included planks (twice!), side planks, partner situps, crunches, crunches and more crunches. By the end of it I was ready to stay exactly where I was, lying on the ground with a weight on my tummy as my arms couldn't hold it any more. Thank goodness TB was driving.

It was pretty chilly out there too, even though we were running every 4-5 mins. I enjoyed my long hot shower when I got home.

One benefit of taking time off - I got to see Emma Snowsill and Emma Moffatt compete in the triathlon. What a great result.

Em, hockey at my grade is nothing like what you see on tv. Mind you, there was an ambulance at the field when we arrived last week. No blood though.

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jojo said...

well done-good to see you backout there