Thursday, 21 August 2008

Personal training and Mt Ainslie

On Tuesday night I had PT with Julia. We've been working on a new program for the last few weeks. It involves fitball squats with 8 kg weights, walking lunges with 5 kg weights, a superset for my chest consisting of flys - 4 kg and press - 10/9 kg, seated row - 25 kg, and hip abductors with 34/32 kg. We're working through two sets of 15 reps for most things at the moment. Just 12 reps for the chest though thank goodness. I struggled to get eight reps out with 10 kgs in the first set of chest presses this week, then finished the set with 9 kgs. I didn't even consider 10 in the second set.

I'm coming to the end of my PT sessions with Fernwood. I looked into buying some new sessions, but I realised that the cheapest way I could get an hour session was probably going to cost me a minimum of $70/hr. If I buy sessions in bulk from Krissi I get a better rate, so that's what I'm going to do once bootcamp finishes. I'll miss the sessions with Julia, but I've figured out that I can catch a cycle class with her once a week. That will give me the motivation to go to the class.

I'm working out how to keep up the same amount of exercise once bootcamp is over. The cycle class covers one session and my squash partner has recovered from injury so that takes care of the other. I've asked TB what his plans are after bootcamp and he's talking about going to the gym. I don't want to count on that though, as we've hardly used our Club Lime gym membership.

Today was bootcamp - the second last one for TB and I. We're missing the last session as TB has booked us into a networking session. He's developing a business plan and is keen to go to this, so I'm going along for moral support. I guess I'll be exercising my talking muscles!

Brad always has a first aid kit with him. The size of the first aid kit usually indicates the type of activity. This one fit into a bum belt, so we were out and about. Tonight we were headed up Mt Ainslie. The last few times we've walked up as fast as we were able. That's a pretty good workout. I'm always a bit sore the next day because my knee doesn't appreciate the downhill part of the walk. I'm finding that I recover faster each time though, which is reaassuring. It also means that all the work that I'm doing on strengthening the muscles around my knee is paying off. It's good to know that it's worth the effort.

Brad managed to add a twist tonight. We were running part of the way up the hill. He suggested a minute of running followed by thirty seconds recovery. I did the first minute but it took me a minute to get my breath back. I managed a grand total of nine or ten running intervals. I was exhausted! Still, as ever, it was a great workout.

Hopefully 1-2-1 Personal Training will be running another bootcamp soon. :-)

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