Monday, 7 January 2008

Weights session

Tonight I went to the gym after work. It's the first time I've exercised since swimming on Saturday. I decided to rest my knee on Sunday, but I just didn't feel like getting up this morning.

I wanted to do a weights session today as it's been a while. I warmed up with a 10 minute walk on the treadmill, and then dug my program out of the filing cabinet. I modified it as per the doctor's instructions but I'm going to have to get some advice from Krissi to get some additional leg exercises.

I started off on the leg press machine, planning to keep the motion within the 30 degrees the doctor recommended. I could feel my knee straining, and realised I was doing the wrong half of the motion. I swapped over to the other half and it felt fine. I did some thinking and realised that if I had the seat further back I would only be able to do the right range of motion, so I wouldn't be able to accidentally do the wrong half next time. I jumped on and off the machine a few times to get it set up properly. I wrote it down on the card, but I probably won't be able to read the squiggle next time or remember what I was trying to communicate to myself. I did 3 sets of 15 at 60 kg. It didn't seem at all hard, so I might have to increase the weight while I am doing the reduced presses.

After the leg press I did the hamstring curls on the fitball. I could really feel them and my balance was shot to hell, but I managed to get through two sets of 15 reps. When I went to use the Smith machine most of the weights were missing. I've no idea where they have all disappeared to, but I managed to scrounge some up weights. I did one set of 15 reps at 10 kg to warm up, tossing the bar at the top of the motion, and then I did 15 fitball pushups on my knees. I am not really sure whether I'm in the right position for them (I suspect I'm not) but I could feel them in my arms so at least I was getting a workout. I then did 10 reps at 15 kg, one more set of fitball pushups and then 5 reps at 15 kg.

I then did biceps curls and triceps pulldowns and then finished off with some abs work. I did the plank (45 sec, 40 sec) then two sets of 20 crunches. I was sweating away by the end of it, but I think that was more because the gym was hot.

I wouldn't say my knee feels sore but it's tired. I'm icing it at the moment, which seems a little excessive for tiredness. I figure I'll give it a go anyway as the swelling is showing up a day or two later. I guess I have to get used to having a prevention mindset.

Tomorrow is Yoga night. I plan to swim in the morning and run on the treadmill before Yoga. Hopefully I'll make it out of bed.


Andrew(ajh) said...

Keep up the ice Kathy! I'm sure it will come good soon.

jojo said...

agree with very good at telling people what top do..not so good at i give you free rein to tell me to ice my not so good achilles! and yes kathy... keep icing