Friday, 11 January 2008

Squash at last!

Who knew the queue to change a daycare session could be so long? Mihir just isn't happy to be upstairs while Murali is down on the court playing. It doesn't matter how much he likes the person looking after him as he's Daddy's boy. At long last Murali rang me with the news that the child care situation is sorted and booked me in for squash on Thursday for the next twelve months. Murali is as keen to play as I am!

I was so excited that I left my racquet out with my house keys so that I wouldn't forget it. I normally don't get my stuff ready the night before but squash is different. There was a moment when I was thinking "should I do this with my knee?" but then I thought "this is squash, the pain will be worth it". (JoJo, I so understand why you want to be back out there playing.) We even had a hot day in Canberra yesterday, which meant that the courts were going to be stinking hot. Just our luck but it wasn't going to deter us either.

Of course, neither of us has practised during our break, so we had the usual complete misses, shots off the wood, returns that managed to hit three walls out of court, balls bouncing off the lights etc. There was plenty of opportunity to giggle. At one stage Murali managed to hit himself with his racquet. I apologised for laughing when he'd hurt himself but then told him quite seriously that I had to laugh because it was so funny. He stopped laughing long enough to accept my apology. At least neither of us managed to clobber the other. We also didn't crash into each other, mainly because neither of us was match fit enough to run after the ball with that level of commitment.

We managed to play four games before completely expiring. I am so looking forward to next week's game. Oh, and my knee is fine. I wore the support bandage, which was meant to remind me to be careful. I'm not sure that it succeeded, but I didn't manage to twist it or do anything silly like that.

I skipped the other exercise for the day as I figured I'd burn enough calories playing squash. (I'd forgotten how much it makes you sweat!) I'm having to keep an eye on my calorie intake as I didn't eat enough on Tuesday. How's that? Amazing! I was so busy and I didn't write down my food intake on the day. It wasn't until I filled it in on Thursday that I realised. No wonder I was obsessing about food! It always catches up with you.

On the weight loss front, I've lost a kg. Yay me! Only 25 to go. I won't update my ticker until I weigh myself in Melbourne, as the scales there is my gospel scales.

Today I'm having a rest day and I'm running on Saturday and Sunday. I'll try to get to the pool and find an exercise bike. Hmm, I think Fernwood in Altona have both. There's a plan.

I found out yesterday that the Women and Girl's triathlon course has changed and that the short option is now 200m swim / 9km ride / 2 km run instead of the 400/14/4 I was expecting. I feel a lot more confident about getting through the swim leg without drowning. That's got to be good.

Well, I'd better head off to work now. I keep missing the morning bus lately so I want to actually catch one this week!


jojo said...

..very jealous re squash.... lol when i go back ill probably miss the ball too!!!glad you wore the knee bandage

Andrew(ajh) said...

My first tri is 250mswim, I'm happier with that too for the first one.

warriorwoman said...

Squash is pretty darn hardcore - good on you!