Saturday, 5 January 2008


I went swimming this morning. It was a bit of an effort to get myself there. I was in that "it's Saturday morning and I don't have to be anywhere" frame of mind, where staying in bed with a book was much more attractive than going to the pool or out for a run. After I convinced myself that it would be way too busy at the pool later in the day, I managed to put the book away and leave the house.

I decided to walk down there and go shopping on the way home. It was quiet when I got there, although there seemed to be a swimming lesson happening in the non-labelled lane I usually swim in. I ventured down to the "real" lap lanes. The person in the slow lane looked really slow and was swimming in the middle of the lane, but I've no idea how slow I look, so I figured I would join him and hope that he'd stay to the left once I was there. I was tempted to swim in the non-labelled lane beside it, but the lady there was swimming along with her head out of the water and her arms flailing everywhere. I figured she might be a good person to avoid. I let Mr Slow get a good head start and then took off.

I wasn't quite as exhausted at the end of the first 50 m. It took me approx 90 seconds to get there and I rested for 30 secs before heading off again. I managed to keep up that pattern the whole way through my session, and I never caught up with Mr Slow so I didn't have to decide whether or not to pass him.

I managed my 8 laps and thought I'd do 2 more. I did have crazy thoughts of doing another 10, but I realised I was starting to lose my form. Swimming 10 laps badly isn't going to do me any good in the long run. I also remembered how sore my back had felt on Thursday night. I figured that beginning swimming was like beginning running and that I should slowly build up my distance. I swam two more laps so I did a total of 600 m in roughly 24 minutes. I don't think they'll be calling on me for the Olympic squad any time soon. :-)

I went shopping on the way home. I'd been a bit disappointed in the post-Christmas sales however today I managed to find myself a couple of dresses at Events for half price. I grabbed my current size in one and a size down in the other. To my surprise and pleasure, the size down one looks great on me now. I looked for the size down in the other dress but they didn't have it, so I wasn't able to see if it would have fitted me too. Still, the current one looked good. This whole sizing thing is so confusing! Still, I was very happy that I was able to buy a size 14 dress that fit me.

I called into Athlete's Foot and bought another pair of runners and some cute red elastic laces. After that I went to Noni B, and checked out the sale racks. I found two tops I liked at half price. I bought one in my current size and the other in the next size down. I have this theory that I will be at least one size smaller in three months time.

I had meant to go for a run or a cycle this afternoon, but instead I ended up eating really badly. Still, those biscuits are gone forever, and so is that cheese. I thought I'd be able to resist the cheese, but I didn't. I'll have to put a ban on buying any for a while.

I'm not sure what exercise I'll do tomorrow. My knee is a little swollen after Thursday's run. I have planned to do the jogalong, which involves me cycling to get there and back, and then go for a swim on the way home, but I think I'll wait until the morning to decide. I'm not sure what I should be doing about my knee. Maybe I should be strapping it or icing it after every run. I might give the icing a go and see if that stops the swelling.

Oh, on Friday I didn't swim in the morning because I woke up tired. I did pack my gym gear so that I could do a weights session on the way home, but the gym was closed! It's closed all weekend as well. I think I must go to the Fernwood with the worst opening hours in the world! Grrr.


jojo said...

..never mind about the is a new day.. well done on getting into the size down...
witht he knee..i would definitely ice after evry run(and elevating) for a while and maybe take anti inflamms for a week or so(voltaren 25) Just make sure you take after food.. do not run while knee is still swollen

Andrew(ajh) said...

I agree with Jo, definitely ice, ice and ice again.

MorseyRuns said...

Choosing the lane at the pool is very important- as is trying to send out "don't come into my lane" vibes to anyone who is even looking at your lane! I get so angry when people join me in my lane when there are other lanes free- I bet they choose the toilet cubicle right beside other people too!