Sunday, 13 January 2008

Walking, running and yoga

Yesterday my exercise didn't go to plan at all, yet I had a lovely day. I went for a walk with my mother and sister on Altona Beach. Well, let me clarify that. We went to Altona Beach. Janet and Mum went for a walk on the pier while I headed off along the path beside the beach. I didn't actually step onto the beach at any stage and I didn't walk with the other two.

Mum has to walk each day as part of her recovery from her heart operation, so Janet has been accompanying her on her slow progressions from seat to seat at various locations. They invited me along, but told me that I could go off at my pace while they watched the fishermen, the boats, the waves, etc. I felt like I'd be disappointing them if I didn't head off into the distance. I took my trusty ipod and my phone, so my walk was really a ramble. I ended up being out there for an hour all up. I have a little sunburn. This incidental exercise can be dangerous!

This morning I met up with Kathryn for a run at Princess Park followed by Yoga in the Park. I'm really enjoying these runs. Apart from the great company, there's the added incentive of keeping up! I run a little faster with Kathryn than I do on my own, which has got to be good for me. Not that this morning's run was anything to write home about. It's that time of month, and I get the feeling that it's going to be one of those "drain every ounce of energy out of you" experiences instead of an "I'm so strong I can do anything" one. I usually get the second type so I'm a pathetic wuss when it's the first kind. I kept dropping back to a walk. I burnt 510 calories covering 6.35 km in 53 minutes though, so it was a great run from a calorie counting point of view.

We followed the run up with a yoga session. It was lovely, doing yoga in the park. I have only ever done it inside before. I'm glad I had this experience. Being barefoot on the ground, hearing birds, seeing blue skies and trees, and feeling the rain (yes, it rained but only lightly a few times) all made for a wonderful class. I'll definitely do that again when I'm next in Melbourne. Apparently the class will be there until mid-March.

I'm in negative calories for the day at the moment on Calorie King. Kathryn and I were chatting about it as we ran, but I hadn't expected that today's effort would get me there. I like being this far ahead for the day as it means I can think about having pizza or something else that usually doesn't make it onto the daily menu. I probably won't, but it's nice to have the option.

Kathryn and I were also talking about how hard it is to get enough protein. She's done the sensible thing and bought herself some protein powder. I really should think about that too. I might just think about it for a while though.


kathrynoh said...

Thanks for the run, it was good fun :) Hey, I just rhymed.

I'm definitely not in negative calories now after having a hefty brunch.

Andrew(ajh) said...

What makes you think you're not getting enough protein?

Kathy said...

Andrew, on Calorie King you can track your protein, carbs, fat, etc. I have a target I try to reach. It's so easy to eat more carbs than planned but hard to eat all the protein for the day.

jojo said...

...yeah the run sounds like it was greta..finding someone to run is just made such a diff to me when i found Em to run with