Tuesday, 3 July 2007


I haven't been feeling like exercising this week, but I made the effort and got myself to yoga tonight. I'm really enjoying it. Now that I've been a few times, I'm going to have to buy myself a yoga mat.

Michelle starts the session off with some safety information and tells us bits and pieces of info about what is going on with our abs. It's really interesting, and it's handy to be able to recognise when you're working the transverse abs rather than the rectus abs or the obliques.

We were doing Kundalina Yoga today. Michelle likes to mix up the various types of yoga. The name didn't mean anything to me, but basically the lesson didn't flow from one move to the other. Instead it involved various exercises. We started off working on releasing anger, and then moved on to other stuff, but I was too busy trying to do the exercises to keep up with the explanations.

Funnily enough, given that it was the mind/body/breathing stuff that put me off yoga in the first place, I'm enjoying the visualisations and the breathing routines. Today though, I kept forgetting about the breathing as I found the exercises a little challenging. Last week the visualisation obviously had quite an impact on me, as I told a number of people about it. Don't panic - I'm not going to write it up in the blog. I did find it really relaxing though.

We did this cool exercise where we punched ourselves. Sounds weird, doesn't it, but those of you who self-massage would understand why I enjoyed it. We were punching along our ITB, thigh and inner thigh. It felt really good. I'll definitely do that one on my own.

On the general exercise front, I headed off to walk to work yesterday, but I realised that I was going to end up too hot and sweaty. I am going to have to wear exercise gear to work if I'm going to do the walking / running commute. Until my building access is sorted, having a shower at work is going to be a major hassle. The shower is on a different floor and I'm not allowed roam around the building without an escort at the moment.

I thought I'd walk home, but I wasn't feeling well later in the day so I piked. I also decided to skip the running course this morning. There are eight sessions and we paid for six. I was going to have to organise myself a lift for this one, and I just didn't feel up to it last night. I thought I'd get up and go for a run on my own, but I didn't manage to get myself out of bed. I'm planning to go tomorrow, so I hope I make it.

I managed to buy some more accessories today. I was telling Alex that I needed a head light for the bush path to work and she texted me with the news that what I wanted was available in Kathmandu. There was a sale on. I called in on the way home from work. I bought the light at half price and I ended up buying some thermal tops for a fraction of the normal price as well. I got these for my walks to work.

I managed to get the light case open to put the batteries in, but I put it back on upside down and it's not working. To my frustration, I can't get the case open again! Persistence doesn't seem to be helping. I'll keep on trying. Fortunately, my brother is visiting this weekend, so I'll be able to ask him to rescue me if I don't manage to get it open before then.


kathrynoh said...

Do you find the yoga breathing helps with running? That's one thing I noticed when I started doing yoga as well as feeling more limber :D

Kathy said...

I haven't done much running lately so I haven't noticed. Your experience doesn't surprise me. I'll pay attention when I do get back out there, and let you know.

PS I piked on this morning's run too.

jojo said...

you'll get back on track with the running...2 good runs and you'll wonder why you put it off..hmmmmm i must do some yoga..but im a reall giggler...i need someone to go with so i dont look sooooo goofy laughing

Sarah said...

It must be really tough to get out there and run in the canberra winter weather - I can't blame you.

C'mon Kathy, you can open the case - you're a woman, you can do it!!! :)

Andrew(ajh) said...

I have a "head light" I bought ages ago but have never been game to wear it.

Tully said...

Wow you really have transformed your life! You are such an inspiration to those of us that still have a lot to lose.

Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. I'll be making sure I am in my bubble at work tomorrow.

Em said...

I could never get the breathing right with Yoga, I am sure it would be great for running though.

I feel for you, it is mighty cold in Melbourne Town so I am sure you guys are suffering as well.

Isabelle said...

I'm amazed at all this talk of cold. We always tend to think in Britain that Australia's winters aren't that chilly. Wrong, clearly.

You're doing so well with your exercise.

What does "piked" mean?

Kathy said...

I've contacted Isabelle with the meaning, but in case I'm confusing any other international visitors, here it is.

Pike - to quit or back out of something you said you would do