Monday, 23 July 2007

Weights program

I headed off to the gym on my way home from work. Because my bus trip is so much shorter now, I'm getting to the gym when it's busier. That meant that I had to work around the "amazing abs" class, which was using all the mats and fitballs. I can manage without a mat, but the fitball is kind of essential for my two fitball exercises.

The problem with changing the order of the exercises is that you tire as you go. I ended up doing my arm exercises before the two fitball exercises, and so my poor old arms were already worn out! I'm sure I'm going to feel it tomorrow. Mind you, Leanne always likes to see my muscles shaking, so I'm sure she would have been pleased.

While the "amazing abs" class were doing their stuff I was checking out the class. In the past, I was always really glad that I hadn't gone along to it, but I'm starting to get delusions of ability. Before you know it, I'll be signing up for half an hour of torture. I nearly gave Body Attack a trial today too. If I'm not careful I'll be heading back to RPM!

I've got running tomorrow. We're heading up Red Hill. I don't know how far we'll go but it is definitely going to be challenging. Lola is kindly picking me up, as it's a little too far for me on the bike at that time of day.

I still don't have unescorted building access so I haven't tried walking, running or riding to work yet. It's "nearly there" I'm told. I'm starting to think about how I organise this - I'll have to get some work clothes and toiletries to work, figure out what I'm doing about all the abolutely essential stuff I carry in my handbag, and so on. This should be interesting.

I have to travel to Melbourne for work this week, which means I'll be missing my personal training session. I'm not going to cancel it until the tickets are booked, as I've been told that I'm travelling a couple of times already and it hasn't happened. I'm glad it's on the cards for this week though, as both my parents are having heart maintenance. Dad had an angioplasty and a stent inserted today and Mum is having an angiogram on Wednesday, in preparation for a heart valve replacement. They are both being really brave. The breaking news is that Dad's procedure went well and he is in good form. I'll be able to see them for myself, which is always reassuring.

I think it's fabulous that the two of them can get treatment that will improve their quality of life so much. We really are lucky to live in Australia. Mind you, I'm trying not to take that luck for granted. One of the reasons I realised I had to do something about my health was that I am so much like my mother. I see the health problems she has been experiencing with her diabetes and I would prefer not to have them too.

Please God they will both recover well and quickly.


Andrew(ajh) said...

Hope everything goes well for your mum and dad. Another thing we have in common, my mum is diabetic and has had a couple of heart ops - one of my motivators too!

Jaykay said...

Kathy you must try a Body Attack class, they are just fantastic for getting the heart rate up, and they're so much fun too....well if you call fun running around full pelt for an hour with sweat dripping off you :0) I read that you use up 1000 calories per class if you do all the high impact moves!!

I hope your parents are okay. I'm very lucky that both my parents are fit and healthy and have never had anything wrong with them at all. I can only hope that I've inherited their genes!

lg said...

Hope your parents ops will go well - I think it's great that you are able to change your habits so you don't end up in the same dilema - a lot of people don't seem to heed this as enough of a warning

jojo said...

hope it all goes well with your parents.. um bring some warm clothes as you head to melbourne..its kinda chilly!!!!