Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Weights, recovery run and yoga

Yesterday I worked through my new weights program for the second time. I was smart and packed my gym gear before work, as I knew that I'd be likely to give it a miss after Sunday's run. I've been finding it hard to get myself to the gym lately, so I decided it was time to get myself back on track.

It was busy at the gym, and I had to wait to use various pieces of equipment, so I started with the fitball exercises, and jumped on the machines as they became free. My legs were tired after the run on Sunday. Going up the stairs when I left the gym was a real effort.

This morning I had a recovery run planned. This is the first time I've actually made it out for the recovery run. Normally I plan to do it but I don't quite make it. Now that I've done it once, I don't know how all you real runners keep on doing it! It hurt! My legs were very definitely telling me that they did not want to be out there.

I figured that I'd be ok once I was properly warmed up. I told myself it was a nice gentle run and it didn't matter how far or how fast I went, as long as I was out there. I kept my legs moving, but I had to slow down to a walk after about 10 minutes. I got myself running again, even though I was running away from home. My legs knew I was going in the wrong direction so they weren't too happy.

I'd headed off wanting to run 8 km but I realised that I'd been a little too ambitious. I jogged along as I tried to work out how far I was going to go. I'd give myself a point to aim for and I kept managing to push myself just a little further. My breathing was fine so it was just my legs that I was fighting with. After about twenty minutes I decided that it was time to pay attention to how my legs were feeling and I turned around, thinking I was going to have to walk home. I walked a little, then tried to run again. I managed a shuffle until I came to the pedestrian bridge. When I crossed it the first time, I'd walked up the hill and run down it. On the way back I decided to run across it, and I made it the whole way. I was feeling pretty proud of myself for making it up the hill when my legs were so tired, so I decided to keep running. Even though I'd been sure I was going to walk all the way home, I ended up running most of the way back. It may have been more of a shuffle than a run, but it was better than a walk.

I was out for about 45 minutes, which is a pretty good session for me. I think I ran/walked about 5 km. I made sure I stretched when I got home. My legs kept reminding me all day that they weren't happy. On the way out of the gym last night I picked up the winter timetable, and I remembered that Yoga was on tonight. I figured that would be good for my legs. I haven't been all that interested in Yoga but Celeste makes it sound like fun. I got home from work, changed into gym gear, and headed out into the rain before I could change my mind.

To my amazement, I really enjoyed the class. I was able to do most of the exercises. The instructor was really clear about what we were supposed to be doing and feeling. I was able to get right through the variations on the ab exercises, although I piked later when the group was duck walking around the place. I also now know what the "downward dog" is. I'll definitely do Yoga again.

It was great for my legs too. Yesterday, the stairs on the way out were really hard work. Tonight I ran up them.

EDIT: My official time for Run to the G was 1:08:03.85. :-)


jojo said...

well done Kathy! i find recovery runs hard to do! im not much of a 'real' runner yet..im trying though....i pike on runs way too easily

Jaykay said...

Firstly, congratulation on your run from Sunday. Fantastic work girl.

And good on you for getting out there for that recovery run. I know how hard it can be.

Yoga...hmmm. I did it once and just couldn't feel the vibe from it. However, I'd be interested in trying the version where you sit in a room that's heated to 40 degrees C!!

Celeste said...

Yoga is cool because you can actually feel it working! I still find it very difficult but I will persevere because it MUST be helping. I'm one of the problem children who struggles with every position. I do my best, but I just do NOT look like the others!! Sometimes I find myself giggling quietly as the instructor asks us to do some stretch that is just impossible for me!!

Lee said...

You are an energetic bunny, phew, all that exercise in one day!!

Awesome time for Run to G, well done :)

I use to do a yoga class many moons ago and totally loved it. A complete workout that feels so good. Wish I had the time to fit that back in to my schedule.

Andrew(ajh) said...

Well done on the RunToG time ... good job. I've wanted to try Yoga for a while but haven't yet.