Monday, 25 June 2007

Great plans

I had all sorts of plans today, but they seemed to come to nothing. I had great ideas about heading out for a run or to the gym this morning, then I remembered that I was going to walk to work. I decided that was enough exercise for one morning. It didn't happen though, because a friend saw me and stopped to give me a lift.

It was a kind offer. Not to worry, I thought. I'll walk home. When I left the building after work I discovered it had been raining. I was also much later than I'd planned and it was nearly dark. As the first part of the walk home is along a 'rural' road, I decided it would be safer to postpone my walk for another day.

Alex, one of my Global Challenge team mates, thoughtfully suggested to me the other day that I should be walking to and from work to pick up steps for the team. I think it will take me about 40 minutes each way, which isn't too bad. I'll have to let her know that it nearly happened today. On second thoughts, I might wait until I've actually done it before I give her a progress report.

The one part of my exercise plan that did come to fruition was my visit to the gym. I decided I'd do my weights program again today, without the two new arm exercises. The program is taking a lot longer nowadays and I feel like I'm getting a really good workout. Lately I've been burning about 3 cals/min when I do weights, but this new program has it up to 4 cals/min. Given that it's also about 15 mins longer, that's pretty good.

Tomorrow I will be running in the morning and I think I'll give yoga another go tomorrow evening. I'll have to exercise in the morning on Wednesday, as the evening is taken up with Trivia. On Thursday I have pt in the morning. Depending on what I do I'll either be doing weights or cardio on Thursday evening.

Global Challenge Update

I have been really unmotivated with the Global Challenge this year. I think it might be because I'm not working with my team members this time, but that could just be me trying to rationalise my less than stellar performance.

The team's step average is about 15000 steps, which is pretty good. I'm sitting on a less than impressive 11700. Our placing has been all over the place the past couple of weeks, ranging between 35 and 70, depending on whether or not people have submitted their steps.

We're one third of the way through, so it's time for me to get my act together. Expect to hear about more walking over the next few weeks. I've written it down, so hopefully I'll end up doing it. That's the theory, isn't it?

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