Sunday, 24 June 2007

Cycling and weights

This morning I met up with Leonie and we cycled around part of Lake Burley Griffin. It felt good to get out and about, as I didn't do any exercise on Friday or Saturday. We were meeting up at 9 am, so I was counting on it not being too cold. I layered up as usual, but I swapped a lighter jacket for my ecofleece. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but there was still frost on our path in several places. I was surprised to see the first lot but quickly got used to it whenever we went through a shady patch.

I played catch up with Leonie most of the way around the lake. I was fine on the flat but lost her on the uphill sections. A couple of times I had to get off and walk, but I managed to ride most of the way. Playing catch up with Leonie is definitely improving my riding. I'm much more confident and I'm turning the pedals over faster. I also stood up on a number of hills and wasn't in constant fear that I'd topple over. The most fun improvement was that I pedalled down a couple of hills. Normally I've got the brakes on most of the way, so it was a real adventure to be going downhill faster than before.

I managed to get a good sweat up while I was riding today. I was puffing and panting too so I felt like I'd done a decent workout. I was out for about two hours, including a quick cup of coffee near the lake. My backside is definitely tender now. (Andrew, I do have proper cycling nicks - I just need to get used to riding I think.)

One advantage of riding round the lake - I now know what I'm in for when I decide to run it. Better still, there are a couple of marked runs, a 10 km and a mile. We had a few hills to ride up which will be good practice for the City to Surf. All I have to do now is get myself down there to run.

On the way home, Leonie decided to stop at the gym for Body Balance. She managed to inspire me to go there so I headed home, dumped the bike and my gear, then went back to the gym to do some weights. I didn't have enough time to do the whole program, and I'd already given my legs a good workout, so I did the upper body exercises. It always amazes me how quickly the body adapts to a new program. I really struggled with the triceps press last week, but I was able to do it this week. I don't think it will be long before I increase the weight on this one.

I am so glad I bought my skins. They kept my legs nice and warm while we were riding around the lake. I wore them to the gym as well. I look like a whole different person with them on.

I'm going to head out this afternoon for a walk. I recently bought a digital camera of my own, instead of borrowing one from home. I'm having a lot of fun taking photos. I have a book voucher to spend too, so I'll be coming home via Borders.


Andrew(ajh) said...

I'm glad you like the Skins ... I reckon they are the best thing since sliced bread ... and have I told you how much I loooovvvveeee Borders :-)

Em said...

I have proper cycling shorts and I still get a sore bum as well, I just don't think they make bike seats for girls.

jojo said...

ummmmm.. they do make girl seats for girls...they look seriously funny..but basically have a whole down the middle of the seat so there's no pressure...all of my bikes have it!can seriously recommend it..still get sore..but not ummmm in the same spots..just ask for a chick seat! you dont really need cycling shorts then!

warriorwoman said...

Can we expect more photos in the blog now you have your own personal digi camera? I would quite enjoy a before and after shot within the skins :)

Isabelle said...

Ah yes, it's the cycling downhill that's the killer. Well, that and the cycling uphill.

Celeste said...

LOL at your comments about cycling!! I could have written it myself - right down to the part about getting excited that you are not braking as much going down hill and proud of yourself for standing up going uphill!!!!

I have a girly seat and it was worth every cent. No chunky padded bike shorts for me! I don't get sore at all anymore - you'll get used to it.

Sarah said...

ooo, I've been tagged!

Sorry, been a bit slack at commenting of late. Congrats on your 10k run the other week (see slack, I told you) and good on you for going to the gym after your cycling session - that's very dedicated.

I like the sound of JoJo's seat - I always get a numb 'bum' in my spin class - drive me nuts.

I wanna see pics too!!