Friday, 15 June 2007

Morning run

I'm glad I checked the weather report yesterday. When I got outside the building it was raining, as forecast. As I'd expected to be headed to the gym, the weather didn't matter.

It's been a while since I've run for any length of time on the treadmill. I decided to run 5 km last night, so this morning that's what I aimed for. I hadn't thought about the pace beforehand, but I started off at 8.5 km/h (7:03 min/km according to the treadmill) and that's where I stayed. I went through the whole "run 10 mins, run another 10" struggle, so I tried not to think about it or look at the distance. I started thinking I was bored just before I got to 20 mins, but I decided that was just my mind playing games with me as a way to get me to stop. Instead of stopping, I checked my form and cadence. That Chi Running book has been a lifesaver! Mind you, checking cadence suits me. I find counting while I run really relaxing. After a while I find myself doing all sorts of calculations in my head. I'm sure I get most of them wrong but it's fun working them out.

Once I hit the 5 km mark I walked for another five minutes as a cool down and then dutifully did my stretching. I've pulled up really well after the run, so I'm all ready for Sunday.

I mentioned that I'd be running with the girls on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately they are leaving later than usual, and it's going to take me longer to get to the starting point and back. I don't think I can fit their run in before work, so it looks like I'll be heading off on my own again on Tuesday. Oh well, them's the breaks.


Andrew(ajh) said...

Just catching up on blogs after my busy trip, so apologise if this one comment relates to multiple posts. I'm so glad you're liking and using the Chi Running stuff, I do too, and great news to hear you're a Skins convert - my birthday next week and I'm thinking about buying a short sleeved top. Well done on the food thing too (not giving in to the ravenously eating it all). Good to see you're still doing mega amounts of exercise.

Em said...

Ughh, the dreadmill, well done on sticking it out.

Man it's cold now, it's like winter just arrived all at once.