Saturday, 1 March 2008

I'm still a runner

I don't know if this happens to other people, but every once in a while I find myself wondering if I should be calling myself a runner. A couple of weeks ago I had a disaster run and then a week and a half went by before I went back out for a run. In fact, when I bought Runner's World the other day I was thinking that I really needed the motivation of reading it to get myself out of bed in the mornings.

Well, it worked. On Tuesday morning I got myself up for a 5 km running commute along the bikepath. I really enjoyed the run. There were bits that weren't easy, like actually going through the door and getting started. There were bits that were hard, like not stopping after 3 km even though my legs felt like lead. However, overall it was fantastic. I was really pleased to be out there. I made it to my destination without stopping. My form was good at the end of the run. I felt like a runner!

I've had this goal for a while of running a half marathon this year. I looked at joining a running group, but I couldn't see how I could make the training sessions work for me. I'm doing so many other activities that it's hard to commit to being there. I realised that if I was going to meet my goal I was going to have to make the commitment to do the training around my other stuff. I decided Tuesday and Thursday mornings were the go, with a long run on Sunday while the bike course is on. I made the Tuesday run and crash-landed with Thursday. I didn't have my running bra with me. I ended up catching the bus instead.

Well, I decided to see if Krissi would run with me for my PT session on Friday. She agreed and we headed out for 7 km. I had a really good time. Again there were tough bits but it makes a difference running with a partner. Now all I have to do is keep it up.

Later (Sunday evening):
I didn't make it out for my long run this morning. I was at a wedding yesterday and decided that staying in bed instead was a really good idea.


Em said...

You are a runner, don't give it a second thought, both feet are off the ground, you are running!!

Nothing like a goal to help with the motivation, maybe you should target the Melbourne HM, plenty of time to get you there.

warriorwoman said...

I get the same way, I haven't run for 3 weeks now. Part motivation and part injury related. Now to top it all I've got a cold! I'm leaving runners world unopened til I recover then I'll get the full motivational benefit. Works for me every time.