Sunday, 16 March 2008

Another quiet week

It was another quiet week this week, because I was sick. I caught a nasty cold and have been coughing and spluttering my way through the week. I cancelled my run with Kathryn and Andrew on Monday. On Tuesday, after taking the day off work, I managed to get to my PT session with Julia, After resting all day I was able to cope with doing weights but I gave the bike course afterwards a miss. I was sorry about that, as it was bike maintenance part 2, but I just couldn't face the ride to the course venue.

I made it to the gym for group PT on Wednesday. I was tempted to stay at the gym for a nice quiet treadmill session, but I went out with the group to City Hill for more boxing and running. I walked. I really had to battle with my competitive nature. I found myself wanting to run just so I wouldn't finish the warmup last. After giving myself a stern talking to, I managed to resist the impulse. On the way home I felt a bit lightheaded, so I think it was just as well.

I realised that I still needed some rest so I cancelled squash on Thursday. That hurt. It also meant that I didn't go to hockey training. I did go for a short cycle. Funnily enough, once I was on the bike I was fine, but it was really hard to get on it. I even passed another cyclist. I love doing that. :-)

On Friday morning I had my usual PT session with Krissi. As ever, it was an excellent workout. We did the usual stuff. When Krissi gave me the 10 kg weights I managed 4 chest presses on my own, did a very dodgy 5th one and then just couldn't pick the weights up off my tummy to start the 6th. It was amusing in a "dammit" kind of way. Krissi then gave me the 7.5 kg weights and I did 15 of those, although I needed help towards the end.

I kind of 'got' the side plank on Friday, in a very 'just barely but getting there' kind of way. I can see that's going to be a major improvement area for me over the next few weeks. There's so much room for improvement.

On Saturday I had great plans. I was feeling a lot better and I was going to go on the bike ride in the morning then play hockey in the afternoon. The ride was 30-35 km and I was riding in from G's place, another 6.5 km each way. Well, fortunately for me, the ride came past G's place on the way home, so I just did the loop once. We rode from Lake Burley Griffin out to Gold Creek Village. I've been out there a few times and never imagined I'd ride out there. It was terrific.

There was an accident on the way though. One of the people riding in my group fell off, going head first over her handlebars down a steep hill. It was a sickening thud when she hit the ground. I was ahead of her, and kept going, knowing that there were people behind to help her. It's really hard to do that though. We stopped further along and waited for the people behind to catch up with the news. It took a while, so we knew she was hurt. The ambulance was called and we've since heard that she has a badly bruised face but otherwise doesn't have any major injuries. Thank goodness for bike helmets. What people think happened is that she braked with her front brake. I'm glad I didn't actually see the accident. One of the women in our group is a doctor and another is a nurse, which was fortunate for her. On the way back there were a few punctures too. Fortunately, I didn't have any.

It was a great ride, but I ended up being exhausted and piking out of the hockey. There were three subs so I didn't feel too bad. I went along today (it was a Vets carnival) and played a game, but there were 5 subs for that one so I only played the one game.

I am feeling lots better after all the rest. I'll be back into my usual routine this week I hope. I'm going to start riding to work again, as I need to get some miles up on the bike before we ride to Yass.


kathrynoh said...

Sounds like a horrible bug, you're been sick a while. Good to get back into it though.

Andrew(ajh) said...

Ouch, that sounds like a horrible accident - I try not to use my front brake much at all to be honest. I've wondered a few times what would happen in an over the handlebars accident when you have you cleated shoes connected to the bike, I guess the bike follows and lands on top of you ?

jojo said...

def sounds like you need the rest..mustve been bad if you cancelled squash matey!

Lee said...

Its hard to cancel exercise sessions when you enjoy it all so much. Take care Kathy and I hope you feel back to your normal self soon after a good rest :)