Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Getting back into it slowly

On Monday I went to the gym and collected my 25 points for my WOW team. It was a gentle workout but it was all I really felt like doing. I did a leg workout - 3 sets of leg presses, leg extensions, and calf raises, 2 sets of hip abductions (x2) and one set of seated rows while I was waiting to use one of the machines. I put the weights up slightly on the leg extensions and hip abductions. Once I got to the 30 minutes I headed off home. It wasn't the world's best workout but at least I was there. On the basis that I need some time on the bike before I ride to Yass, I rode to and from G's place to mine. That's 10 km (40 mins) of cycling in as well.

At work yesterday one of my workmates pointed out that my cough sounded terrible. I was feeling so much better that it surprised me, but I realised that I was still coughing up gunk. I thought about it and decided I was sick of being sick, so I booked an appointment to see the doctor. I couldn't get in to see my regular doctor until April, so I took the first available appointment. Luckily for me, that was today and I am now the proud owner of a short course of antibiotics. Hopefully that will knock the last of the bugs over for me.

I was going to see how I went running this morning but I had a work breakfast in Kingston. I arranged for a lift for me and my bike from Kingston to work, so I rode there this morning. My Garmin battery was flat so I'm not sure of the exact distance but it would have been about 12-13 km. It was a lovely ride, along the bike path to Lake Burley Griffin then around to Kingston.

I rode from work to town to see the doctor, who was rather impressed with my blood pressure after that effort. 130/85. I like meeting people who see me as a fit person rather than as a fat person. :-)

I was planning to ride to the bike course after the gym, but luckily I jumped online and checked my emails. There is no bike course tonight. That means I can go to the Group Slim session this evening and collect 50 points. Not that I'll enjoy the session, but I've been feeling bad for my team about my low points tallies over the past two weeks.

Tomorrow morning we're going to walk up Mt Ainslie as a group PT session. I have to get myself over there by 6:20 am so it's going to be a really early start. Still, I'll feel virtuous all day so it will be worth it. I'll ride on to work from there so I'll be getting more time on the bike, which has got to be a good thing.


Andrew(ajh) said...

I love that description, "feeling virtuos" after the morning exercise, that is exactly the right word!

jojo said...

yeah-i love the virtuous feeling..youre definitely a fit person 2

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