Saturday, 24 May 2008

I bought a new bike!

I bought myself a bike here in Melbourne today. I had to order it in, so I couldn't take it to my brother-in-law's today, but it will be here next time in Melbourne. Pat is a darling, and he's going to pick it up for me, along with all the paraphenalia. Amazingly, the bike + stuff cost $15 less than the same model a couple of years ago. How cool is that?

I'm going to have to commit to riding it lots while I'm here. It's a bit of an expensive sometimes toy otherwise. Oh, and I was so good about not buying every accessory in sight. I figured I should work out which bike I liked best for the Great Victorian Bike Ride before I go buying more stuff.

Rang TB, who is in Canberra, who said "you'll never guess what I'm doing". It took me a while - he went for a walk. I am such a good influence!

Which reminds me of something I'm really proud of. Two years ago I got a group of seven people together to walk in the GCC. Last year, the company I worked for had a handful of teams entered. I don't work there any more, but I had a quick look to see if they had entered this year. There are 36 company teams entered. How fabulous is that? Ironically, the first year the team was made up of contractors. Last year they subsidised the original team, even though we were contractors. This year they decided contractors weren't welcome. What a shame. Still, there are 36 x 7 = 252 people walking in the challenge who weren't doing it two years ago.


Andrew(ajh) said...

OK, so come on spill the details, whaddya buy ?

Kathy said...

A Trek 7000, men's bike with lady's seat.

MorseyRuns said...

I was admiring a few Treks today as they whizzed past me on Beach Road! I have just bought arm warmers, leg warmers and a balaclava to wear as I ride to work- and I bet it is warm here compared to Canberra. Good idea with the white gloves.

jojo said...

60mins + per day exercise :) well done