Thursday, 18 September 2008

More running

On Tuesday morning Krissi and I met behind the War Memorial. We'd had a contingency plan in place, in case the stormy weather continued, but the morning was lovely and clear. Chilly, mind you.

We walked up to the path where we were going to run. I was quite relieved by that. I felt anxious about the run, as it was going to be a little hilly, but I shouldn't have worried so much. It was hilly in places, but nothing I couldn't actually manage. I was soon enjoying the scenery. It's lovely running through the bush on a well maintained dirt track (thank goodness so many Canberrans use all these trails) with blue sky overhead.

At one stage we saw a couple of kangaroos right beside the path and Krissi started waxing lyrical about how lucky we were. I found myself thinking "TB would love this" but when I checked in with him later in the day he assured me that he'd been perfectly happy in bed while I was out running.

At one stage on the way back I found myself having to walk up a hill. I just couldn't get my feet to keep going. Krissi tried to encourage me to run, but they were in charge. Fortunately, that only lasted for a short while. All up, we were out running for just over 50 minutes. We travelled about 6.7 km during that time.

The last part of the run was up a steep hill. Krissi assured me that I'd be able to run up it quickly because I'd be able to stop at the top. I don't think I was quick exactly, but I did make it up. I was really pleased by that.

I had the usual "I feel good" feeling all day. :-)

Tomorrow morning I think we're going for another run. I'll dress for it any way. It's best to be prepared for anything where Krissi is concerned.

Last night I went to the gym and did some weight training. Pretty much the routine I was doing with Julia.

As for the month of me, I went to a birthday party I wanted to go to, even though my parents were visiting. I only went for an hour, but I did go. I also went to work late on Monday - I saw Mum and Dad off instead of rushing in to work. It was a great way to start the week. On Tuesday I forgot to do anything for me! How could I forget? I had a perfectly enjoyable day but it was pretty much business as usual. Mind you, it's a good feeling, knowing that a 'BAU' day is so good that I didn't realise I hadn't spoiled myself.

Yesterday was a great 'month of me' celebration - the new Ecuador Dark magnum. I treated TB to the Colombia Cappucino magnum. That looked pretty good too, so I think we have to swap flavours another day. Today I treated myself to lunch away from work. I decided that the person I'd most like to have lunch with was TB. Fortunately, he agreed with the idea, and was prepared to make me lunch, so we had a steak sandwich at home. Sigh, you know you're getting close to 50 years old when your idea of a good time is lunch at home. LOL.

I'm off to a fashion parade tomorrow evening. One of my girl friends was literally stopped in Myers and asked to be a model. They are even giving her $120. How cool is that! Mind you, she's a bit stressed. I am sure she'll enjoy it once it's happening.

Yum, TB has just shown up with chocolate icecream. That's more than enough to distract me from thoughts of running. :-)


lg said...

I so want to try that Ecuador Dark Magnum - my mouth is watering just thinking about it!!!!

Celeste said...

I sooooo love the concept of the month of me!

Unfortunately, for me, I've been on a self indulgent holiday for waaaaayyyyy too long, so I will enjoy the month of me vicariously through you!!

jojo said...

it definietely means Life is Good if you dint even notice :)