Friday, 25 April 2008

Running and PT

It's been a quiet week on the exercise front. I went running with the two Andrews on Sunday morning at Altona Beach, which was fun. They'd forgotten all about it, so I was really tempted to cancel, but I knew I'd skip the run if I didn't go and collect them.

I parked the car near a water fountain, which was convenient. We then headed off towards the pier. The boys jogged along with me for the first section, then I told them they could go off ahead. We turned around at 1.6 km. I explained that they could run to the car without worrying where I was. I thought I'd explained that they could then either run back to me or run on ahead but they'd need to check back with me, but apparently they heard "run as fast as you can back to the car and sprint flat out for the last bit". When I finally got there, the two of them were sitting on the wall waiting for me, looking exhausted. I didn't have the heart to start them running again, although I did take them for a short recovery jog complete with stretches. I ended up covering about 3.5 km all up.

It was a lovely run. The weather was cool, the sun was up, there were other people around, and the beach view was a pleasant change from my usual runs. One Andrew was in his footy gear and the other was wearing his Run For The Kids top, as was I. It felt good, being out in the event t-shirts - as though we were real runners. I know we're real runners, but there's this extra bit of credibility when you're wearing an event t-shirt. Red's my favourite colour too. I scored well that weekend, because the Relay for Life shirt is also red.

During the week I didn't get to the gym much. So much for the costume jewellery I was going to buy if I got TB there three times. I made it to PT on Tuesday night, where I did more of the same with Julia. She increased the weights on me a few times on my second or third set of reps. With the shoulder presses we went from 5 kg to 6 kg on the third set and I was pretty sure I wouldn't manage a whole set, but I did it easily. I thought that was cool. Because of the time we skipped abs and went straight to stretching. I don't like this new Fernwood template for PT - I can stretch myself and the abs work is something I will always skip on my own, so I figure that my PT should make me do it. Unfortunately, it's noticed if they don't do the stretching component.

I had great plans of cycling to work a couple of times during the week, but stuff kept getting in the way, like going to the pub last night for drinks after work. I didn't fancy riding home in the dark after having a few beverages. I'll be riding on Fridays from now on though, as I ride to my PT session with Krissi (no buses that early).

I had my PT session this morning and it rocked, as ever. I simply love those sessions. I was stuck with the 10 mins on the stationary bike. I told Krissi today that I kept hoping she'd skip it, seeing that I'd cycled in. Apparently she thought I was riding to her place from my apartment rather than from TB's, because she would go to the trouble of getting her bike out to ride a couple of blocks. No wonder I wasn't getting brownie points for a 5 km warmup. I don't think she's going to cut back on the bike though.

After stretching we did a few exercises with resistance bands. I was imagining writing the first one up in my blog while I was doing it. Mind you, it didn't occur to me that I'd actually be writing it up today. You've got to love public holidays.

The exercise went like this. Krissi and I were back to back, with interlocked resistance bands. We squatted and then jumped away from each other, landing in a squat. We did this several times. Krissi said it was a good heart rate one. I was surprised to discover she was right. I liked it as I don't do nearly enough plyometric type stuff. I didn't mind this squat-jump thing at all.

In between I was doing a hip abductor exercise, balancing on one leg and moving the other against the band. I was meant to feel it in my butt on the leg I was balancing on and in the side of my thigh in the other leg. It took me a little while, but I eventually got it. The secret was to focus on balancing and not on lifting my leg really high.

I then did chest presses with the bar. Krissi loaded it up with more weight than I've ever pressed before. I asked her for the total so I could mention it here. There was 15kg on the bar, the bar is about 15kg and there were the end pieces holding the weights on the bar. With Krissi spotting for me I managed 9 presses and then 8. Mind you, I can really feel it now, mainly in my upper back. I think I'll feel it in my chest tomorrow.

A couple of sets of shoulder presses followed with 4kg weights. Even though I'd managed 6kg on Tuesday, I don't think I would have been able to lift them today. Planks and cruches to follow. I struggled with the first set of the plank, but it was my left arm that was the problem, not my core. I'm managing two lots of 60 secs quite comfortably now. As for crunches, Krissi introduced me to a mean set last week. 12 basic crunches, 12 with legs raised, then 12 lowering legs. I collapsed in a heap this morning when I started the last lot of 12. My abs were seriously complaining. Krissi wouldn't let me get away with that. She held my toes on the raised leg and I managed them. I was relieved that I only had to do one set of them today.

I rode my bike there and back. It was a lovely morning. Being Anzac Day, there was next to no traffic either, so I rode back on the bike lane down Northbourne Avenue. I'm getting so much braver now. Oh, and I caught up with a cyclist at one set of lights and cruised along behind him. I thought about passing him, but I was in no hurry. What I didn't realise was that he'd know I was there. He started looking over his shoulder to see where I was. I'm not sure what the etiquette is in that situation. I guess I should have gone around him. Luckily he turned off so I didn't have to worry about it any more.

I've sorted myself out a coffee on Sunday that I have to ride to. I'm trying to make sure I keep up the bike riding so that I'm fit for the GVBR in November. My bro-in-law is keen to train with me when I'm in Melbourne, so that part is sorted.

We've signed up for the Global Corporate Challenge again this year. Last year I did it with people I used to work with, and I just didn't get into it. This year I'm doing it with my family members. Some of them did it last year and so we decided to put our own team in this year. (Being a contractor, I have my own company so we figure we're corporate enough!) Jim, Debbie, Pat, Janet, Trish, Dad and I are going to start walking in May. We've made Deb team captain and she's already practising her nagging. I knew it was the right choice!


kathrynoh said...

I always think it's a waste doing warm up with the PT, easy enough to do on your own. For a quiet week you sure did enough :D

Andrew(ajh) said...

Sounds like you're doing a better job of keeping up the exercise than I am.

jojo said...

yeah i reckon you can warm up and down on your own! it feels alike a waste of money.youre the customer-tell her your still exercising after the session so no point cooling down

Em said...

Thanks for the Lee Child tip, I had a look at some books at the book shop today, looks right up my alley I love a spot of crime fiction.

When I take my Thursday group for strength I give them the full hour and then send them back to their cars as their cool down :-)

lg said...

I wouldn't like to be riding home after a couple of bevvies - wise decision. Sounds like you are going great guns anyway