Friday, 1 February 2008

Squash, PT, and not much else

I've hardly been online lately. Lots has been going on in my non-blogging life. I tend to keep this blog focussed on exercise so I won't go into details here. I'm happy with the situation, even if it is interrupting my internet time. It's amazing how much I miss catching up with all my usual blogs though. Here I am, late at night, reading blogs and wishing I had time to make comments.

**Edit** In fact, I was so tired writing this that I didn't post it and now it's three days later. Just as well that I didn't post it as the last paragraph ended up being total rubbish. Blogging while falling asleep is not to be recommended. Thanks for your comment Andrew. I am fine - just busy with life in general. **End Edit**

On the exercise front, I played squash with Murali on Thursday. On the night I was planning my blog entry. I won the first two games and Murali won the next two. I was thinking that I was in danger of his winning three in a row, but I managed to keep my game together and take out the decider. It's amazing what a difference being fit makes. Murali has it all over me when it comes to strength, but I can usually hang in there long enough to wear him down. Murali is as competitive as me, so he's workign on his fitness. I just have to hope my game stays ahead of his for a little while longer. (Thanks for the offer of squash tips JoJo. I'll take you up on it.)

I had a lazy weekend. I was away from home, which was good, as my landlord is selling. At least I wasn't stuck in the "be away for this period of time" situation, and I did get a lovely arrangement of flowers out of it. I'm hoping the new owner wants a tenant, as I am too lazy to want to move. I thought about making an offer for the apartment myself, but it flooded on the weekend of the Elton John concert. It seems a little silly to be making an offer on an apartment that I know floods.

This evening I had PT with Julia. I had a great session, working hard and managing to break into a sweat. I'm always pleased when I feel that I work that hard.

Tonight I did three sets of 15 on the leg press (43 kg), followed by 2 sets of 15 pushups and 12 pullups. I'm finding the pullups really hard. Julia is delighted as she says it's hard to find something to challenge me. I smiled internally as Krissi is always managing to push me a little futher. I think Julia is going to make a Krissi-style PT in the next few years, so I don't want to put her off.

After the pushups/pullups we moved on to the seated row. I put the weight up to 18.3kg, which ended up being more of a stretch than I anticipated. I could feel my back muscles burning. After that we did some hamstring curls, 2 sets of 15, followed by a set of abs exercises and stretching.

I then dashed off to farewell drinks for my pool-running buddy Sally, who is moving to Darwin. I'm going to really miss Sally while she's away. After that, another mad dash back home to meet my visitors from Ireland, my second cousin Liz and her husband Phil. It was a hectic evening!

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